not there, not there, not there… THERE


tychman shapiro gallery, minneapolis, mn 2013

The starting point for the work included in Dream Weavings: Interpretations Through Collaborations is found in Genesis 21: 17-19.

I ask the question: how do we see?  What does it mean “to see”?  I wonder if  seeing is only a physical act or is it some kind of understanding or is it both?  I think about the notion that what we see is not always what is or what was the whole story.  Sometimes what is visible is, paradoxically, invisible.  It can be a moment in time, a recollection of a memory, a dream, an interpretation of text, a search for an answer…

The horizontal format of the prints, is to me, like lines on a page in a book of poems.  The progression of ink and the accumulation of information from one print to the other— dark to light or light to dark, fewer images or more images, depending on how one “reads” the prints— offers the viewer an opportunity to see more clearly, or to begin to lose the details,  just as we do when we are seeing/not seeing.

I am interested in the gaps, but even more importantly, I am interested in the questions…